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Do you prefer to change jobs or stay?

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2022


Overwork is not uncommon and the last train home on weekdays. How to survive?

The secret may have something to do with what the Japanese call ikigai. What is ikigai? That is a terminology that includes the idea of ​​happiness in life. Basically, ikigai is the reason why you wake up in the morning.

For those in the West who are familiar with this concept, ikigai is often associated with a Venn diagram with four overlapping qualities: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you are paid for.

When a person has found his ikigai side, no matter how difficult the obstacles he is facing, he will continue to move forward and away from pressure.

Sometimes boredom at work is a situation we face every day. And that's when we start thinking about changing jobs or staying. The two choices are sometimes difficult to decide. But it should be noted that both choices have their respective consequences.

Choosing to survive, between the storms of resigning is sometimes not something to be ashamed of, by staying in the old place, we can have a bigger chance from a career perspective. It's undeniable that you must feel bored, to get rid of boredom with the routine of work, maybe it's a good idea to dig deeper from various sides to provide a plus value from our work. If the individual succeeds in providing a plus in his work, believe that it is not only boredom that has been successfully overcome, but also his competence and the quality of his own work. Maybe it's as simple as this, if we are a staff then we have to learn to change our mindset like a supervisor, a supervisor must learn to think like a manager, and so on.

If you choose to move, it is not something simple. There are many things and factors that must be considered properly. Especially family. With our status as new employees, automatically some of our time and thoughts will be taken up for work, because we begin to adjust again to a new place. This should be discussed with the family and partner, how to divide the time and take care of the family so that both keep running in harmony.

Before the decision to move is taken, it's a good idea to do research first about the new company. Do not let the unpleasant situation in the old place happen again in the new place. Don't forget to check whether the company's condition is stable or not.

We can do research through reviews using Google on the internet or existing work forums. Or maybe when we are doing an interview we can ask the HRD or the user concerned about the job and the rules of the job. While the issue of salary is also something that must be carefully decided because this is the result of a job. However, a good even high salary standard is the hope of all workers.

Trust me, there's no such thing as a good job, even if it's according to our passion or hobby. Remember that we need enough time to really understand how a company works. So, if you are currently feeling dissatisfied, try asking yourself if you have worked at this company long enough that you believe that the best decision is to leave. Think carefully before we change jobs. It's possible, by now, we are on the right track without realizing it.