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Follow Passion or Career Yes Now?

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2022


Follow Passion or Career Yes Now? – When talking about careers, of course we really want to get a promising career that matches our passion. We want what we do in our careers to continue to make ourselves grow and develop. Not stuck and just stuck in a repetitive routine like that. When faced with the situation of choosing and determining a career is a challenge in itself, especially for those who have just graduated from school or college because it will determine their future destiny as well.

One of the things that most people who want to start a career fear the most is “What if I get a job that doesn't match my passion?”

Maybe right now you are a very good person in writing, painting. However, you get a job in the administration world or maybe you have technical expertise but instead you get a job in the banking world. Then there were many people who felt down because the job did not suit them.

They feel every second they live to work full of pressure. They cannot enjoy every second and minute comfortably. They think that their job is suffering. In fact, it actually brings stress even though they have received abundant compensation and the desired status.

Even worse, many think they want to leave as soon as possible, gain the freedom to be themselves, and leave their jobs.

So, what should you do if you experience something like this?

Remember, as someone who just graduated or fresh graduate, of course your experience in the world of work is still relatively minimal. But you are one of the lucky ones because you don't have to wait a long time to get a job even if it doesn't match your passion or knowledge.

This is the time for you to be grateful for this luck. Being grateful and not complaining is an effective way to always think positively. With a lot of gratitude, it will automatically make you feel happy and full of enthusiasm in carrying out your work. You yourself have to create that comfortable atmosphere.

Without realizing it, by working in a field that deviates from your passion and knowledge, you have actually learned new things, because everything you do is inseparable from benefits while it is still positive. For example, you are a graduate of Literature, but work as an SEO Specialist. Professions that may technically not be linear with the scope of knowledge you have learned in college, but can be a new science that you will master. The point is if you pursue and love your work without making it a burden, how amazing the benefits you can get.

There is an expression of love can grow because you get used to it. This expression applies not only to lovers, but also to work. As long as you are consistent, it is not impossible that one day the work you hate now will turn into a very pleasant activity. Stay positive.

If possible, find a way how your current passion can be channeled into your current career. Be grateful for your work, be grateful for the career you have. There are many people out there who are vying and struggling just to get where you are sitting right now.

Between being grateful for your career and channeling your passion are not two contradictory things. Have you ever heard of the term 'the genius of the AND' rather than the 'irony of the OR'. If you can be grateful for your career 'and' channel your passion, why should you choose? Can't you do both of them without having to eliminate one of them. Be a genius by finding both at once.